We live for the homecomings: we’re not ashamed to admit it. Those videos where the servicemen and women or police officer come home and are greeted by their crying and elated families and pets; yeah, they choke us up and we love it. That in essence is our goal, that is our mission, that is what we live for. We create every single product we make to provide those moments.

Talk about an “End State”... we want to take credit, or at least partial credit for warfighters and officers coming home safe and living happy and healthy lives. They deserve to enjoy the lives they fought so hard to provide for others. That is what we at Delta Three Oscar think about as we work diligently on designing, testing, and manufacturing the world’s finest personal protective equipment. Our love and dedication for our guardians goes into every helmet liner, piece of body armor, and protective insert we make.

Together we can all go further than any one of us can go on our own. If you’re looking for support or want to have the best provider of impact protection on your side, contact us here and we will have your back.