Don’t just take our word for it, you can hear it directly from the end users. Sure, we could impress you with scientific facts and technical jargon about impact and chemical algorithm results and state-of-the-art test data coefficients, but why just listen to that when you can hear it from the operators, grunts and other warfighters who actually used our products in combat? 

They geared/kitted up and went to the field where they marched, ran, jumped, crawled, crashed and endured. You listen to them and so do we. For years we’ve not only made great products, but we strived to make them better. Each success compounded to lead to even greater triumphs. All throughout the process we have been listening to the troops about what really matters to them and improving on those points.

Little by little, we got better and now, we’re the best. But we won’t stop there, we intend to keep on listening and improving. After all, you deserve better… and we’re here to give it to you. From the top brass decision makers to the industry reports and down to the newest privates, they’re all talking about how Delta Three Oscar™ is making lives better for the troops. Read our partners’ stories and hear what the people who know have to say about what we’re doing to keep them safer and more comfortable. 


The U.S. Armed Forces have come to rely on Delta Three Oscar™ as the leading provider of next generation head protection. As such, Delta Three Oscar™ is the sole specified supplier of suspension pads for the Integrated Helmet Protection System (IHPS) helmet program, which consumes up to 100,000 Delta Three Oscar™ suspension pad sets per year.


The IHPS is part of the cutting-edge Soldier Protection System (SPS), a modular, scalable, tailorable platform designed to defeat current threats at a reduced weight. SPS increases the warfighter’s survivability, mobility and modularity by optimizing soldier protection while effectively reducing weight with the latest technologies. SPS provides the soldier with multiple levels of protection tailorable to a broad range of missions.


RRDS (Rapid Response Defense Systems) teamed up with Delta Three Oscar to enable warfighters to acquire Delta Three Oscar’s leading protective products directly. 


This partnership enables rapid fulfillment and greater ordering flexibility for customers, big and small. In addition to being able to order full 7- or 9-pad helmet pad systems, troops will have the ability to purchase just one or two replacement helmet pads as needed. RRDS has a proven track record of delivering top-tier services and assets while focusing on essential matrices such as quality, performance and best value, depending on the unique goals of each customer and the ultimate success of each program.


NP Aerospace has made its most advanced ultra-lightweight high-cut tactical ballistic helmet - the LASA AC915 - even better, in partnership with Delta Three Oscar™. 


The helmet combines NP Aerospace’s hybrid ballistic helmet shell and tactical add-ons with Delta Three Oscar’s Nimbus™ blunt impact helmet liner system, which exceeds Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) protection levels by 33% at 10ft/sec to reduce the risk of Traumatic Brain Injury.


“Gear Up!” It’s no secret that the team that’s better equipped in battle has the advantage. Throughout history victory has been granted by the slightest margins. Check out the Delta Three Oscar™ products that will give you an edge. 


Go! Go! Go!
Let us help you accomplish your mission. The best Course of Action is the one that has the Delta Three Oscar supporting your efforts with the world's best impact protection pads and sheets. Contact us and let’s take the objective.