Delta Three Oscar™ provides a range of cutting-edge head protection products to mitigate against the risks of traumatic brain injury when placed within a helmet shell.

Trusted by the U.S. Army and law enforcement professionals alike, our helmet pad systems meet and exceed blunt impact performance requirements, while being adapted to real-life, frequent use.


Lighter. Cooler. Safer. Halo™ is the most complete and comfortable helmet liner system ever created from Delta Three Oscar.

The world's lightest, most comfortable, protective ballistic helmet liner. Delta Three Oscar Halo™ outperforms the next best competitor across all conditions and shell sizes of the 10fps ACH standard.

TRUST Stratus™ Helmet Pad System

Designed for high performance and comfort, TRUST Stratus™ is the latest, most advanced commercial helmet pad system from Delta Three Oscar.

Drawing inspiration from our solutions for the United States Army, TRUST Stratus™ utilizes the full potential of D3O’s rate sensitive properties to simultaneously meet impact performance requirements at 10 and 14 feet per second.


Helmets offer critical protection against threats including ballistic impact from arms fire and explosive devices, blunt impact from falls or contact with solid objects, and blast overpressure from explosive devices.

The helmet’s core components include an external hard shell, an internal liner and suspension system to achieve a customized fit and minimize acceleration and deceleration of the head while providing comfort, and a retention device such as a chin strap to secure the system to the wearer’s head.

These components work together to reduce the risk of injury by preventing penetration from a ballistic impact and absorbing energy from a blunt impact or blast event – any of which can lead to traumatic brain injury (TBI), where the brain’s normal function is disturbed.

Delta Three Oscar™ makes helmet liners for the frontline warfighter who may be wearing a helmet for 15 hours uninterrupted as well as for the law enforcement officer facing a different type of threat on a short-duration mission.


The U.S. Armed Forces have come to rely on Delta Three Oscar™ as the leading provider of next generation head protection. As such, Delta Three Oscar™ is the sole specified supplier of suspension pads for the Integrated Helmet Protection System (IHPS) helmet program, which consumes up to 100,000 Delta Three Oscar™ suspension pad sets per year.


The IHPS is part of the cutting-edge Soldier Protection System (SPS), a modular, scalable, tailorable platform designed to defeat current threats at a reduced weight. SPS increases the warfighter’s survivability, mobility and modularity by optimizing soldier protection while effectively reducing weight with the latest technologies. SPS provides the soldier with multiple levels of protection tailorable to a broad range of missions.

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