Introducing D3O® Impact Additives™ – a pioneering, added ingredient solution designed to revolutionise back-of-hand TPR performance.


D3O® iA brings unrivalled impact protection properties to traditional TPR, simultaneously improving its dexterity and comfort.

D3O® iA is formulated together with your existing TPR and compatible with existing TPR processing and manufacturing techniques and all colorways.


  • D3O® patented technology
  • Up to 30% more protection at the same thickness
  • Matches the protection of standard TPR, while being up to 30% thinner
  • Makes TPR bumpers softer for greater comfort.
  • Compatible with traditional TPR manufacturing techniques
  • Can be matched to all colorways
  • Improved temperature stability in extreme hot and cold conditions
  • Enhanced dexterity without compromising on protection


The U.S. Armed Forces have come to rely on Delta Three Oscar™ as the leading provider of next generation head protection. As such, Delta Three Oscar™ is the sole specified supplier of suspension pads for the Integrated Helmet Protection System (IHPS) helmet program, which consumes up to 100,000 Delta Three Oscar™ suspension pad sets per year.


The IHPS is part of the cutting-edge Soldier Protection System (SPS), a modular, scalable, tailorable platform designed to defeat current threats at a reduced weight. SPS increases the warfighter’s survivability, mobility and modularity by optimizing soldier protection while effectively reducing weight with the latest technologies. SPS provides the soldier with multiple levels of protection tailorable to a broad range of missions.

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