Welcome. Bring it in. Take a knee. You’ve just landed at Delta Three Oscar™ - the tactical arm of D3O, the world’s #1 impact protection brand. We take great pride in serving those who serve us, with state-of-the-art protective products. We’re the makers of the most advanced helmet liners, knee pads and bumpers for the back of your hands, as a well as a host of other protective products keeping you and your equipment safe and making life in the field downright easier.


Delta Three Oscar is proud to announce the release of its new P12 Knee and Elbow pads, which have been specially engineered to deliver the next generation in protection and stealth for military and law enforcement professionals.

Made in the USA

We took the best of what the world has to offer, and made it even better. With Delta Three Oscar™, you are protected by the highest quality Berry Amendment-compliant products made right here in the USA, supporting the U.S. Defense Industrial Base while leveraging best-in-class global development facilities and talent.


We go the extra mile and take pride in the fact that the products we make can make the difference in people’s lives. Our staff consists of veterans, moms, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, girlfriends and boyfriends, and friends of service members who are all patriots doing our part to make sure you all come home alive and well.


Whether you’re on a two-way rifle range, kicking in doors, jumping through windows, or trying to survive a crash, Delta Three Oscar™ has your protection in mind, heart, and mission. When the situation gets kinetic is when we provide support. Scout out our full line of protective gear and equipment to see how we have you covered literally from head to toe.


One second, you’re helping an elderly person change a tire, the next you’re in a riot situation with bricks being hurled at you by an angry mob. You don’t have time to think about how your protective equipment works - but we do. Delta Three Oscar™ has your protection as our main objective. Just as you dedicated your life to serve and protect others, we are devoted to serving and protecting you. 


Do you know the difference between a fairytale and a field story? A fairytale begins with “Once upon a time…” A field story begins with “No $#%!, there I was…”


Much like a fairytale, our labs are full of wondrous and creative ideas that at times seem magical. Unlike fairytales, our tales are based upon cold hard facts. Through extensive research and by working with the actual end-users and hearing your stories and concerns, Delta Three Oscar™ creates solutions to real-world problems. Our facilities are dedicated to the research, development and testing of impact protection solutions that are suited to the most horrific environments.


Like the paratroopers say, “It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop”.  Your helmet shell is only half the story when it comes to protecting your head. All that energy from projectiles, shrapnel or any other hard surface comes up fast to meet your head, needs to be dissipated and diverted, slowed down so the impact doesn’t break your neck, or cause your brain to bounce around and turn to jelly. We developed TRUST NIMBUS™ to do just that. And we didn’t stop there - protection was just the beginning. 


The mission comes first, but troop welfare is a constant. We found a way to make maximum performance mean maximum wearability as well. The helmet can’t protect you if you keep taking it off for relief from an uncomfortable liner system. Our lightweight and advanced protection helmet liner is a welcome asset while in the field. Whether it be 10 minutes or ten hours, you won’t know we’re there, but you’ll be happy we are.


Our warfighters give us their all, we thought it only fitting to give back in any way we can. Here are just a few examples of how Delta Three Oscar is helping the disadvantaged off the battlefields.

Together we can all go further than any one of us can go on our own. If you’re looking for support or want to have the best provider of impact protection on your side, contact us here and we will have your back.