Whether it’s warfighters under fire or emergency teams responding to a domestic crisis call, operators must have complete confidence in their personal protective equipment or PPE. A moment’s hesitation in response caused by an issue with their gear could jeopardize the mission or result in injury or death.

PPE needs to be rugged and reliable, and should use the most advanced technology available in order to protect the operator from potential threats big and small. To function properly it should be as comfortable, durable, and as lightweight as possible. A warrior’s mind should be focused on the mission at hand and not distracted by issues with their gear. 

This is where Delta Three Oscar™ comes in: to protect those who protect us all. We produce the thinnest, most advanced protection against impact and blunt force trauma. Our products are integrated in helmets, tactical gloves and other protective gear used by both military and law enforcement and have been tested, trusted, and proven in some of the world’s harshest environments.


Our warfighters give us their all, so we thought it only fitting to give back in any way we can. Here are just a few examples of how Delta Three Oscar™ is helping the disadvantaged off the battlefields.


We took the best of what the world has to offer, and made it even better. With Delta Three Oscar™, you are protected by the highest quality Berry Compliant products made right here in the USA, supporting the US Defense Industrial Base while leveraging best-in-class global development facilities and talent. We go the extra mile and take pride in the fact that the products we make can make the difference in service member’s lives.


Through extensive research Delta Three Oscar™ develops and tests protective products by collaborating with the actual end-users and thereby creates superior impact protection solutions that are suited to the most challenging and demanding environments worldwide.


Our tale begins on the ice, dirt tracks, raceways and battlefields. Delta Three Oscar™ is the ballistic arm of D3O - the world’s #1 impact protection company.


D3O enables and empowers people who use their products to stay safe while pushing boundaries and challenging their limits. The company operates across numerous sectors including motorsports, industrial workwear, sports and consumer electronics. D3O’s proprietary materials and protective products are used in everything from CE-certified motorcycle gear, to ice hockey and NOCSAE-certified American football helmets, to mountain bike pads, to padding in impact resistant DIY gloves sold at Home Depot. You may even already have them in your pocket in the shape of a Gear4 phone case or InvisibleShield screen protector bought at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Best Buy.

For our armed forces, D3O was the first company to simultaneously meet the IHPS system’s rigorous 14 foot/second impact protection requirement while delivering improved performance for the traditional 10 foot/second requirement. To develop this industry-leading system, D3O leveraged its previous helmet pad design expertise supplying multiple defense customers, including prominent international protective kit providers, as well as its expertise developing market-leading impact protection across the industrial, sports, motorcycle and electronics markets. The result, developed in collaboration with the National Industries for the Blind, is a helmet pad set that exceeds the requirements set by the US Army. D3O commenced IHPS Generation I LRIP in summer 2018 and has been the #1 supplier ever since.

Delta Three Oscar™ was created thereafter to dedicate the best of what both military and civilian D3O® technology has to offer, for the benefit of our military and law enforcement personnel. As such, the Delta Three Oscar™ product offering has benefited from years of research and development time and money that went into improving impact protection performance and comfort, ensuring our military and law enforcement personnel are able to capitalize on any advancements made in these areas.

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