“Made in the USA” means something to those who serve.

It means more than simply complying with the FTC’s Made in the USA Standard. It means that our gear and equipment is crafted with precision and pride by people who care about the job they do and who they do it for. Made in America means that hometown communities are supported, and our local economies are strengthened. It means exceptional standards and practices have been maintained and that you can feel confident in and proud of what you’re wearing.

Our warfighters answered to a higher calling when serving the people of the United States, and Delta Three Oscar honors their commitment by locally manufacturing the impact protection they serve in each and every day.

The Berry Amendment

The Berry Amendment provides legally mandated preference to the US Defense Industrial Base, protecting the production capacity and innovation required to produce domestically manufactured products, in support of the interests of national defense. Delta Three Oscar is proud to not only comply with this requirement, but also to work actively to enhance the capability of our US operation, in order to maintain the safety and security of our armed forces. Our Berry-Compliant US production is managed out of the Delta Three Oscar HQ at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center
1750 Kraft Drive Suite 1275
Blacksburg, VA 24060