Delta Three Oscar™ impact protection can take products in multiple military and law enforcement applications to the next level, thanks to sheet formats enabling easy integration. 

Delta Three Oscar™ sheet materials are suited to protection applications ranging from head to toe and beyond, including ruggedization of MIL-specific electronics such as dismounted soldier communications devices, soldier and squad power management and laptops. 


Delta Three Oscar™ provides an extensive portfolio of D3O® material formulations in sheet format, each one tuned for different protection applications.

Delta Three Oscar makes D3O® materials available in sheet form across a wide variety of thicknesses, giving you complete flexibility to die-cut and integrate into your product to meet specific needs and help accelerate the product development process.



Military and law enforcement environments can be some of the harshest and most unpredictable in the world, making every piece of equipment potentially life-altering. 

As such, impact protection solutions need to serve their primary purpose - to protect - while simultaneously allowing the operator ultimate focus on the mission. This in turn means unrestricted movement, minimal bulk, and in the best cases increased comfort. 

Delta Three Oscar™ is proven to protect military and law enforcement professionals from head to toe, with the most advanced impact protection available. Our sheet options provide alternatives to brands looking to bring protective products to market quickly, but without a corner cut. 


Mechanix Wear has partnered up with Delta Three Oscar™ to provide users with best-in-class tactical gloves. 


M-PACT® gloves use Delta Three Oscar™ palm padding to dissipate high-impact energies, dampen vibration and reduce hand fatigue when users are fully engaged. Tough and yet lightweight, they're both tactical and tactile, allowing users to operate unrestricted, with efficiency and control.

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