Focus. Where is yours? During a mission it can be anywhere, on your team, on the ridgeline, on the doorway, the car, their hands, the center of your reticle…the last place it should be is on your gear. No, your gear should be there quietly, comfortably, reliably doing its job and not getting in your way.

At Delta Three Oscar we build our products with end users in mind, bringing you the best ergonomically-designed, functionally sound protective equipment available today. Being Delta Three Oscar-equipped allows you to focus on what’s important. We’ve packed every advantage and extensive industry know-how into our protective equipment so the warfighters can confidently execute their missions and keep their minds on the task at hand.

You will know the quality of our products when you don’t even feel they are there. When there are no bumps, bruises, breaks, bleeding, or pain after a mission, you can take a breath knowing  you are Delta Three Oscar™ protected and we take our business and your safety seriously.


“Gear Up!” It’s no secret that the team that’s better equipped in battle has the advantage. Throughout history victory has been granted by the slightest margins. Check out the Delta Three Oscar™ products that will give you an edge. 



The US Armed Forces have come to rely on Delta Three Oscar™ as the leading provider of next generation head protection. As such, Delta Three Oscar™ is the sole specified supplier of suspension pads for the Integrated Helmet Protection System (IHPS) helmet program, which consumes up to 100,000 Delta Three Oscar™ suspension pad sets per year.


The IHPS is part of the cutting-edge Soldier Protection System (SPS), a modular, scalable, tailorable platform designed to defeat current threats at a reduced weight. SPS increases the warfighter’s survivability, mobility and modularity by optimizing soldier protection while effectively reducing weight with the latest technologies. SPS provides the soldier with multiple levels of protection tailorable to a broad range of missions.


Read all about how our industry partners have come to trust and select Delta Three Oscar™ as the favorite supplier of impact protection equipment.


We’ve gathered all the best sources of information on our protection and put them all in one easy to find place. Discover our library of resources including brand assets, product instructions, material data sheets and product data sheets. 

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