Delta Three Oscar™ provides long-lasting, durable comfort for those carrying heavy loads over varied terrain. 

With the weight carried by a U.S. Soldier averaging 102 pounds, Delta Three Oscar™ sheets give users welcome relief from pressure points where a backpack meets the body, notably shoulder and sternum areas. 


D3O® material formulations are available from Delta Three Oscar™ in an easy-to-integrate sheet format, each one tuned for different protection applications.

US Decell TRUST and Aero sheets are particularly well suited to load carriage applications, providing lightweight cushioning where it's needed most. 


Backpack straps without padding can quickly make carrying even the lightest of loads cumbersome. Add to this the load weight, lengthy standing periods and distance required of many of our servicemen and women, and discomfort can quickly escalate into muscle fatigue and even injury. 

Delta Three Oscar™ sheets are easy to integrate into shoulder and sternum straps and can help lighten the load through enhanced, durable D3O® impact protection with superior damping properties. Not only is their performance second to none - their load distribution, pressure point removal, and shock absorption properties remain consistent over the total lifetime of the product.


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