It feels good to be recognized for our hard work, dedication and expertise. And the best part is the feedback is coming from those who ultimately matter, the end users and industry experts in Law Enforcement and the US Military.

There is a different standard in our industry. By doing our job right we protect bodies and save lives. The gear we make becomes an extension of Officers and Agents in the field, increasing protection and capability unilaterally. That’s the essence of these case studies. You can read how the industry has taken notice and is awarding Delta Three Oscar™ with their business.


Delta Three Oscar™ is not just protecting “boots on the ground” across the world with the military, we’re also guarding those “walking the beat” of our hometown streets.


Delta Three Oscar™ is committed to providing all our brave men and women of law enforcement with the best equipment available. We’ve teamed up with 5.11 to enhance their proven tactical boots with our fatigue and impact absorbing technology to reduce the risk of injury and pain. In short, we make being on the job more comfortable. Delta Three Oscar™ Protected. We’ve got your back… and your feet.


For Delta Three Oscar and Xion, “Protect & Serve” is more than just a saying, it’s a way of life. Much like police officers, we work as partners. Together we are able to combine form, function and fashion to provide better performing protective gear and equipment to those who need it most.


We’ve acted on the needs of law enforcement responding to volatile scenes such as protests or demonstrations. When showing up in aggressive tactical combat gear, instead of having the intended calming effect some find the crowds to become more violent. Rather than leave the Boys-in-Blue unprotected we found ways to help. Delta Three Oscar and Xion have developed an innovative solution to this paradox by concealing protection inside the clothing of the officers who have to respond to such scenes.


When wearing HighCom Striker ACH, PASGT or ARDITI helmets with Delta Three Oscar™ Stealth™ liners, officers and agents can walk tall knowing they can handle just about anything.


Be prepared and expect the unexpected” - we know how a peaceful situation can escalate to a hostile one in the blink of an eye. When things get kinetic, law enforcement professionals get behind Delta Three Oscar™ and HighCom. Where the ultimate protection is needed, this team offers the ultimate head protection solution. We combine world class ballistic protection with the industry's best impact reduction. It’s not enough to just stop the projectiles, but the impact energy needs to be absorbed in order to reduce blunt force trauma and prevent injury to the head and neck. Delta Three Oscar™ padding dissipates blunt forces so as to mitigate the very real risks of Traumatic Brain Injury. Whether in a vehicle accident, suppressing riots or taking rounds, this is the head protection solution to have on.


Out on patrol, it's just you and what you brought with you. We’re there to give you that edge. Review our full line of patrol-ready products that will help you prepare for anything.


Gear up! Let us know what you need and we’ll have your back. Our team of experts are standing by to answer your questions, provide a quote or talk about options. Let us know what you need and we can make it happen.