Designed for performance and comfort, Nimbus™ is Berry Compliant and our most lightweight helmet pad system yet.

Nimbus™ couples lightweight design and state-of-the-art comfort with superior impact protection performance.


Nimbus™ is Berry Compliant and exceeds the required level of protection at 10ft/sec by 50% in a Polyethylene shell and 39% in an Aramid shell. Each helmet pad in this system features a unique geometry that allows the pad to fit the shape of the head and offers superior deceleration under blunt impact tests vs. market-leading competitors. Nimbus™ can also be integrated as a 7-pad or 9-pad system within most ground combat helmets, including both Polyethylene and Aramid helmet shells.

Nimbus™ 7-pad system (13082)

Nimbus™ 9-pad system (13353)


  • Lightweight, high performing helmet pad system
  • Integrated Comfort Liner for each pad
  • Performance stability across multiple impacts
  • Available as a 7-pad or 9-pad system
  • Head side fabrics offer anti-microbial treatment and great moisture wicking properties
  • Meets SPS hook and loop adhesion requirements, providing strong adhesion into the helmet shell and easy removal when required
  • Berry compliant 


The Berry Amendment provides legally mandated preference to the U.S. Defense Industrial Base, protecting the production capacity and innovation required to produce domestically manufactured products, in support of the interests of national defense. Delta Three Oscar is proud to not only comply with this requirement, but also to work actively to enhance the capability of our U.S. operation, in order to maintain the safety and security of our armed forces. Our Berry-Compliant U.S. production is managed out of the Delta Three Oscar HQ at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia.

These commodities, software or technology are controlled for export by the United States government under the Export Administration Regulations. Purchaser is responsible to comply with these regulations if the items are to be exported from the United States.  ECCN 1A613 applicable.


NP Aerospace has made its most advanced ultra-lightweight high-cut tactical ballistic helmet - the LASA AC915 - even better, in partnership with Delta Three Oscar™. 


The helmet combines NP Aerospace’s hybrid ballistic helmet shell and tactical add-ons with Delta Three Oscar’s TRUST Nimbus™ blunt impact helmet liner system, which exceeds Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) protection levels by 33% at 10ft/sec to reduce the risk of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center
1750 Kraft Drive Suite 1275
Blacksburg, VA 24060