Delta Three Oscar™ has a versatile range of hand protection products on offer, helping to reduce the risk of impact injuries to all zones of the hand, one of the most complex areas of the human body.

Used to reduce impacts to the back of the hand and fingers, as well as by the likes of Mechanix Wear to reduce impacts and vibration in the palm area, our products are easy to integrate and vary from off-the-shelf stitch-in padding to D3O® Impact Additives™, as well as fully custom solutions.

D3O® Impact Additives™

D3O® Impact Additives™ (iA) are a pioneering, added ingredient solution bringing unrivalled impact protection properties to traditional TPR, while simultaneously improving its dexterity and comfort.

D3O® iA is formulated together with your existing TPR and compatible with existing TPR processing and manufacturing techniques and all colorways.


The hands are one of the most intricate areas of the human body, allowing precise, controlled movements, while also being particularly susceptible to injury and fatigue.

Delta Three Oscar™ hand protection products provide the ultimate combination of protection, dexterity, control and longevity. They can be easily integrated into every glove, with:

  • Knuckle padding available to be stitched in to protect the knuckle area
  • G2 parts available to be stitched in to protect the fingers and back of the hand
  • D3O® Impact Additives™ used to reinforce existing TPR or achieve a thinner, softer glove (or a combination of both)
  • D3O® Impact Print™, a fully custom impact protection solution providing ultimate dexterity and control
  • Sheet options to be die cut and sewn-in to provide additional protection such as palm padding


Mechanix Wear has partnered up with Delta Three Oscar™ to provide users with best-in-class tactical gloves. 


M-PACT® gloves use Delta Three Oscar™ palm padding to dissipate high-impact energies, dampen vibration and reduce hand fatigue when users are fully engaged. Tough and yet lightweight, they're both tactical and tactile, allowing users to operate unrestricted, with efficiency and control.

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