Delta Three Oscar™ makes foot protection products that help to reduce fatigue for wearers who are on their feet for long periods of time, and ankle protection to keep riders safe when using a motorcycle on the job. 

From sheet material, met guards and heel inserts to ankle guards, our products give wearers superior cushioning and freedom of movement, making them ideal for everyday use.  


D3O® material formulations are available from Delta Three Oscar™ in an easy-to-integrate sheet format, each one tuned for different protection applications.

Decell and Zero™ sheets are particularly well suited to foot protection applications such as insoles and heel inserts, combining maximum protection with softness, a light feel and durability. 


The right foot protection has a direct impact on immediate comfort, support and stability as well as on long-term general health and injury prevention.

Delta Three Oscar™ foot protection products can be used throughout a shoe to reduce the amount of force being transmitted to the body with each foot strike or impact.

Delta Three Oscar™ sheets and strobel boards can be die cut to size for use in footwear, and specialist Delta Three Oscar™ met guards, heel inserts and ankle guards are available to protect specific areas dependant on the risks the shoe is built for. 


Delta Three Oscar™ is not just protecting “boots on the ground” across the world with the military, we’re also guarding those “walking the beat” of our hometown streets.


Delta Three Oscar™ is committed to providing all our brave men and women of law enforcement with the best equipment available. We’ve teamed up with 5.11 to enhance their proven tactical boots with our fatigue and impact absorbing technology to reduce the risk of injury and pain. In short, we make being on the job more comfortable. Delta Three Oscar™ Protected. We’ve got your back… and your feet.

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