RRDS Partnership Announcement

Delta Three Oscar Announces Partnership with RRDS to Bring Leading Impact Protection Directly to the Defense Market End User

Delta Three Oscar, the defense arm of impact protection specialist D3O, has just announced a new partnership with RRDS which will allow end-users in North America to purchase Delta Three Oscar protective defense products directly from RRDS. This partnership will enable rapid fulfilment and greater ordering flexibility for customers. For example, in addition to being able to order full 7- or 9-pad helmet pad systems, customers will have the ability to purchase just one or two replacement helmet pads.

Bill VanMullekom, Senior Vice President at D3O US LLC, says: “We’re delighted to now be able to service individual customers online through our new partnership in addition to better servicing larger customers who require rapid fulfilment and distribution. We’re looking forward to seeing further growth in North America with the help of RRDS.”

This partnership marks a continued commitment to growth from D3O in North America which, over the last two years, has expanded its team and presence in the market.

Delta Three Oscar provides a range of Berry Compliant impact protective products which will become available to the North American market through this new partnership. End-users will have the ability to purchase Delta Three Oscar™ P10 Knee Pads, Delta Three Oscar™ TRUST Nimbus™ and Delta Three Oscar™ TRUST Stealth™ helmet pad systems directly from the RRDS online store.  

Founded in 2014 and located in Irvine, California, RRDS has a proven track record of delivering top-tier services and assets while focusing on essential matrices such as quality, performance and best value, depending on the unique goals of each customer and the ultimate success of each program. This set of skills and qualifications made them the perfect partner to bring market-leading defense products from Delta Three Oscar to North America.

Samir Naqvi, President at RRDS, Inc. stated: “RRDS is eager to see Delta Three Oscar™ become a staple brand in the defense sector. We plan on leveraging our long-standing relationships with federal agencies and military branches to aid Delta Three Oscar in this venture, utilizing our well-established distribution facility to service the industry. The innovation Delta Three Oscar brings to the market is truly exciting and is serving to advance the world of PPE for the men and women that rely on this gear.”

View the Delta Three Oscar offering on the RRDS website.

View the full Berry Compliant product range from Delta Three Oscar™.  

Delta Three Oscar has also signed a partnership with TSSI which will service all areas East of Mississippi River.

TRUST Stratus™ Helmet Pad System

Designed for high performance and comfort, TRUST Stratus™ is the latest, most advanced commercial helmet pad system from Delta Three Oscar.

Drawing inspiration from our solutions for the United States Army, TRUST Stratus™ utilizes the full potential of D3O’s rate sensitive properties to simultaneously meet impact performance requirements at 10 and 14 feet per second.

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