GSA Advantage Approves Delta Three Oscar™

US Government employees can now purchase Delta Three Oscar™ products through GSA Advantage. 

The defense arm of D3O, the world’s leading impact protection brand, Delta Three Oscar is proud to announce that effective today, Delta Three Oscar™ products are available through Schedule 84 contract by the General Services Administration (GSA), via Delta Three Oscar partner TSSi. GSA has approved three Delta Three Oscar™ solutions to be sold through its online shopping and ordering system, GSA Advantage. The products — Delta Three Oscar™ P10 Knee Pads, TRUST Nimbus™, and TRUST Stealth™ Helmet Pad Systems — were developed specifically for harsh environments, such as those faced by defense and law enforcement professionals.

“We are pleased to expand our work with the US Department of Defense through TSSi’s Schedule 84 agreement with the GSA,” said Bill VanMullekom, Executive Vice President, D3O US LLC. “Delta Three Oscar is committed to supporting the US defense sector by engineering our impact protection solutions to exceed protection requirements and provide extreme comfort, keeping defense professionals as safe and agile as possible. We look forward to growing our reach in the US market by working with TSSi to seamlessly share Delta Three Oscar™ products with more government agencies through GSA Advantage.”

For more than 40 years, TSSi has been providing the highest quality equipment and solutions for military, law enforcement, and disaster response professionals worldwide. In holding a Schedule 84 contract, GSA recognizes TSSi as a preferred vendor that is fully authorized to conduct business directly with government, military, and law enforcement agencies. Valid for 23 years, the contract enables federal, state, and local government entities to easily and conveniently purchase Delta Three Oscar™ products amongst others at pre-negotiated terms and conditions.

Bill Strang, President and CEO at TSSi added, “Delta Three Oscar is pioneering protection in defense and law enforcement applications and we are immensely proud to provide a top-tier distribution network for its products. Availability on GSA Advantage is the ultimate stamp of approval in facilitating government employee access to products deemed fit for purpose.”

Delta Three Oscar™ solutions for military, law enforcement, and tactical gear are tested and trusted in some of the world’s harshest environments. Available in seven and nine pad configurations, the TRUST Nimbus™ and TRUST Stealth™ helmet pad systems are designed to comfortably fit the wearer’s head shape while providing high-performance deceleration under blunt impact. TRUST Nimbus™ is the most recent and lightweight helmet pad system from Delta Three Oscar, also exceeding the required level of protection at 10ft/sec by 50% in a polyethylene shell and 39% in an aramid shell.

The P10 Knee is a unique modular component system that offers knee impact protection and comfort for defense and tactical applications. Compared to competing knee protection solutions, the Delta Three Oscar™ P10 Knee delivers a 50% reduction in transmitted force for superior impact protection, while being 50% thinner for improved mobility and comfort in demanding environments.

TRUST Stratus™ Helmet Pad System

Designed for high performance and comfort, TRUST Stratus™ is the latest, most advanced commercial helmet pad system from Delta Three Oscar.

Drawing inspiration from our solutions for the United States Army, TRUST Stratus™ utilizes the full potential of D3O’s rate sensitive properties to simultaneously meet impact performance requirements at 10 and 14 feet per second.

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