Halo™ Ballistic Helmet Liner

The world's lightest, most comfortable, protective ballistic helmet liner. Delta Three Oscar Halo™ outperforms the next best competitor across all conditions and shell sizes of the 10fps ACH standard.

Trauma-reducing, lightweight and life-saving. Stay focused on the mission with the Halo™ Ballistic Helmet Liner.


  • Lightest helmet liner to exceed ACH blunt impact requirements (AR/PD 10-02)
  • Most comfortable liner on the market with plush, full coverage fit
  • D3O-proven blunt impact performance consistency from 1st to 2nd impact
  • Unmatched thermodynamic impact consistency thanks to all-new D3O® technology
  • Available either in single thickness (0.75” and 1”)
  • 2 liner sizes (S/M/L and XL) available to accommodate all shell sizes
  • Versatile, self-conforming crown pad accommodates a number of comms headset configurations
  • Ventilation and moisture management via integrated air channels
  • Compatible with most Aramid and PE ACH, LW-ACH, MICH, ECH, LWH-type shells
  • Premium anti-bacterial treated, moisture wicking MILSPEC fabrics

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